Bitcoin halving years are always exciting and this one appears to be no different. For me personally, it a significant halving as I have received my very first Bitcoin grant from the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Not only is it a huge honor to receive such a grant, but it is also a strong signal that the project I am working on is valuable. This has given me great confidence in what we are doing and is highly motivating.

The focus of the grant is on the Bitcoin Core App. My goal for the 6 months of the grant is to make sure we have a functional wallet interface working accross all of the platforms by the middle of the year. That includes the Android builds which will be another focus of mine. I think with the combination of the Android wallet and the new AssumeUTXO feature, we will have a great demo to show off this summer.

To keep myself honest and focused, I have decided to start up this development website. I will be using it as a journal of sorts. The plan is to provide a weekly status update with what I’ve completed, what I am working on, and any additional thoughts I have around the projects I am focused on. I have also always just wanted to try out jekyll for static website generation. At some point I migth do some longer form articles as well that dive deeper into some specific technical aspects of my projects.